About The Valley Awards

Las Vegas Valley Theater Lights

Valley Awards aim to honor the best of locally-produced Las Vegas Theatre
through an annual awards gala and by recommending quality productions
throughout the year. The awards will help create buzz around local theatre throughout
the year via the “Valley Recommended” program and annual awards show as well as
offering theatres and artists resume-building bragging rights.

Here’s how it will work: During the annual theatre season (running from June
1 of one year to May 31 of the following year), members of the Valley judging
committee attend the opening night of shows produced by participating and
qualifying productions. If the members of the judging committee agree that
elements of the show are excellent, that show will receive a “Valley
Recommended” commendation, signifying its excellence in some element of the
production. At the end of a year, Valley judges vote on the year’s best in each
of the categories, and awards are given at a gala event.


The benefits of an annual awards program for theatres are threefold:

1) Immediate Marketing Buzz for Specific Shows
It’s no secret that newspapers, periodicals and media in general are giving
less space and time to criticism of the arts. This means less free marketing
for theatres, but it also means that theatres are losing a vocal advocate for a
good show that can help convince people who might be on the fence that a show
is “worth it.” Having an independent organization vouching for the quality of a
show gives theatres another piece of marketing they can use to entice

2) Greater Exposure for Local Las Vegas Theatre
Communities across the country produce theatre awards shows in order to
increase a greater awareness of the local theatre scene and trumpet their accomplishments
because it works. In addition to the Tonys, there are the Helen Hayes Awards in
the Washington, D.C., area, the Jeff Awards in Chicago, the Ovation Awards in
L.A., and many, many others. They proliferate because having an annual award
show is an event that the media can cover in multiple aspects, as well as
affirming the overall quality of the theatre in an area. Having multiple
theatres and productions up for “Best of” awards is a testament to the quality
of the theatre environment to audiences who may only be peripherally engaged
with the theatre.

3) Fundraising and Resume Building
When applying for funds at the local, state, or national level, it always helps
to look your best. The Las Vegas Valleys will offer theatres accolades
attesting to the quality of a theatre’s work, making the organization look more
impressive to possible funders. Individual artists would also secure
resume-building accolades.