Become A Judge For the Vegas Valley Awards

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Become a Judge for the Valley Awards!

The Las Vegas Valley Theatre Awards Recommends great
theatre all year long

The Valley Awards honor the best of locally-produced Las Vegas Theatre
through an annual awards gala and by recommending quality productions
throughout the year. Our judges see the opening night productions of shows and
only the best receive our “Recommended” seal of approval.

One of the great aspects of the Valley Awards is that they are truly a
community event. Our judging panel is made up of volunteers from the
community—not just reviewers from the media!

We’re looking for passionate theatregoers who know good shows when then seethem and would like to identify the best of what Las Vegas has to offer! Thinkyou have a keen theatrical today? Email us today to start the application process!

Perks of Becoming a Judge for the Valley Awards-Judges receive free tickets for opening night performances of theatre
throughout the year.
-A larger voice to recommend quality theatre
-Helping build an independent channel to promote theatre in Las Vegas

Requirements for Being a Judge-A critical eye for what makes great theatre
-The ability to attend opening night performances throughout the year

What are you waiting for? Email us to sign up today!

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